This 21st Cen­tury dig­i­tal mir­a­cle is the key to diver­sion from Mis­sion Fatigue. Enter­tain­ment, for an hour or two, pro­vided by a DVD is fre­quently the only diver­sion for weeks at a time. Qual­ity, safe enter­tain­ment is dif­fi­cult at best for our U.S. Armed Forces serv­ing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even tra­di­tional activ­i­ties such as base­ball and soft­ball games are at a high risk because of IEDs, snipers, mines, bombs and other ter­ror­ist activ­i­ties. AMVETS Task Force DVD is an appeal to Patri­otic Amer­i­cans to donate their new and used DVDs which will then be shipped to our fight­ing men and women overseas.

Troops Request Your DVDs – Hit this link ( and pro­vide your “com­plete” mil­i­tary mail­ing address, name, APO, etc.

Thanks for your ded­i­ca­tion and sac­ri­fice. On behalf of all Amer­i­can vet­er­ans and a grateful nation!

AMVETS Task Force DVD facts:

  • DVDs will be avail­able at all bases in Iraq and Afghanistan for the enter­tain­ments of our Sol­diers, Sailors, Air­men and Marines.
  • Our goal is one mil­lion+ new and used DVDs donated by the Amer­i­can Public.
  • Most bases have a rein­forced recre­ation room equipped with a Tele­vi­sion and DVD player. Sim­i­lar facil­i­ties exist on ships. Many Sol­diers, Sailors, Air­men and Marines have portable DVD players.
  • The project is to ulti­mately have hun­dreds of titles in rota­tion at each base. This may be the only qual­ity safe enter­tain­ment some will have on their tour of duty.
  • “Chil­dren Titles” donated will be dis­trib­uted to Ser­vice­men and Women’s fam­i­lies (State­side) through the Fam­ily Readi­ness Group(s) of the National Guard.To involve your agency, club, orga­ni­za­tion or busi­ness in col­lect­ing DVDs please call Toll Free 1–877-726‑8387 ext. 4031 AMVETS National Pro­grams Depart­ment. Cash dona­tions may also be made to han­dle the costs asso­ci­ated with col­lec­tion boxes and mail­ing. $5.00 will mail a pack­age of 35 DVDs to a Ser­vice­man or Ser­vice­woman. Over $60,000 to date has been spent in pro­vid­ing this much needed ser­vice. If you wish to make a dona­tion to help defray the cost of postage, please send to: AMVETS Task Force DVD, 4647 Forbes Blvd., Lan­ham, MD 20706 Dear AMVETS,I really like what your orga­ni­za­tion does and I will def­i­nitely be look­ing for a post to donate DVDs and CDs to when I return home. Thank you for the gen­er­ous gift and for mak­ing the effort to send the packages.
  • Sin­cerely, Pas­cual “TATU” Zamu­dio, Capt, USAF
  • Thank you so much for send­ing so many DVDs and CDs. I put them in our Ready Room and they take up a whole shelf. I told every­one that they were from AMVETS and how you met Shan­non. The entire squadron is thank­ful. We have already watched a bunch of movies that you have sent dur­ing our off time.
  • Let­ter from the front:
  • Help us pro­vide qual­ity safe enter­tain­ment for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those who may be injured and recu­per­at­ing at bases in the U.S. and Europe To donate, please send your new or good qual­ity used DVDs to: AMVETS Task Force DVD 1395 E. Dublin Granville Road #222 Colum­bus, OH  43229


Here is the AMVETS flag that Pa National Guardsman and AMVETS Post 293 Member Stephen LaPlaca had 1st LT Gumpf fly for the AMVETS in Afghanistan.